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Author Topic:   removing smokey smell
diana posted 1/4/03 2:58 PM     Click here to send email to diana  
I've recently purchased some glotious hilltribe textiles in vietnam and Thailand. How do I get the Canpfire smelll out?? can these be washed?? would LOVE some info!!
posted 1/4/03 4:12 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Diana, I would hesitate a long time before washing the clothes! It is difficult to advise properly without seeing the textiles. I would try airing the clothes first hanging them outside on a DRY day being careful to keep them out of any sunshine. You might try dry-cleaning one of the items to see what happens. I saw a beautiful set of Dao clothing from Vietnam which had been dry cleaned by the dealer who bought them (from Thailand) before selling them to a shop owner in Singapore. They came up very well. If you wash any of them use very cool water and watch any embroidery threads, especially any which are red since red dyes are so fugitive. Having given all the cautious advice I remember that I washed a very nice (almost new) Black Hmong baby carrier which I am still ashamed to say I bought from the mother with the baby in it (no, I gave the baby back to Mum). It seemed essential to wash the baby carrier as the baby did not have the benefit of a nappy and the carrier was 'wet' when I bought it! (see the web link below for the baby carrier 'after washing'. A cool water and a little pure soap, rinse well, and then roll in a towel to get out excess moisture. Preferrably dry flat. I will be interested to see if we get any other contributions! Good luck! Pamela

diana posted 1/19/03 3:00 PM     Click here to send email to diana  
Pamela, Thank you so much for your respomse!. I'm living in Dhaka, and our roof might be JUST the place to hang a few things, as I believe we have shady side behind the water tanks.....and "dry" is certainly the order of the day.Thanks!--it'so much fun to get a response!! I am very much enjoy somwe swanky cleaned and redsigned goodies ( a coat in particular) I bought from "Prayer" in Bangkok. She is a lovely lady and has beautiful selection of clothes she has designed using pieces, as well as some magnificent larger offerings.Are you familiar with that store??
posted 1/19/03 5:35 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Diana, the roof in the shade of the water tanks sounds good! No, I didn't manage to get to the Prayer gallery when I was in Bangkok in October but details of it are listed on my 'shops' for Thailand. I would have got the link from the Textile Society of Hong Kong. I might add your positive comment as it is good to give feedback re the shops. I did this for the ones that I managed to visit. Don't know when I will be back in Bangkok but I will certainly try to go to 'Prayer' when I do go. Enjoy your textiles! Pamela

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