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Thailand: textile related shops

The starting point initially for the information below was 'The Guide to Asian Textile Collections', Second Edition, which was published in 2000 by the Textile Society of Hong Kong (ISBN 962-86077-1-5). In October 2002 I visited Bangkok and went to River City which has become quite an antiques centre especially on the 3rd and 4th floors although it is worth scouring the lower floors as well. River City can be reached from the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel. Only some of the shops with textiles have been noted below.  In October 2003 I visited Chiang Mai and have added and updated information following this visit. See notation pac for any shops that I have had a chance to visit.

I have not had the opportunity to visit some of the shops listed and take no responsibility for the accuracy of the comments and details given therein. However, I have been receiving some feedback and adding to the details, including web links when discovered, as information becomes available.

Please contact me if you have any corrections or comments on the shops listed below and please share information on any new ones you find.

Beyond the Masks - primitive to classic

Masks, tribal silverware, tribal textiles, baskets, various objects from south-east Asia. River City Shopping Complex, Room 316, 23 Yotha Road, Bangkok 10100, tel: 662 237 0077-8 Ext 316, fax: 662 639 4090 (Off Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel).  Quite a good collection of good quality textiles from southeast Asia. (The same shop owner as The Veranda below). pac


Southeast Asian curios and antiques, old silver and textiles. River City, R.426 Caption Bush/Yotha Rd, Bangkok, Thailand 10100 tel: 237-0077, fax: 237-0078. Off New Road. Adjacent to River City Sheraton Hotel.  When I tried to visit in October 2002 the shop was still there but closed with the interior set up for photography and there were few textiles on display. pac

Léa Silk Léa Silk is handwoven silk from the northwest of Thailand (Isan) in a range of products including fabrics, fashion and fashion accessories, cushion covers, coasters, cases, cards and decorative art forms. It is a non-profit enterprise which buys all its silk fabric from Ban Reng Khai weavers. Sukhumvit Road, 28 Soi 22, Bangkok 10110Thailand, Tel: +66 (0)2-258 2332, Fax: +66 (0)2-259 3995, e-mail: info@banrengkhai.com or pieter@banrengkhai.com Open Monday-Saturday 10.00-18.00 hours

Tribal textiles from southeast-Asia, some jewelry and furniture and object d'art. 210 River City, 2nd Floor, 23 Yotha Rd, Siphaya, Sampantawong, Bangkok 10110, tel: 662 237-0077 #210, fax: 662 508 2218. Also at 3rd Floor, Gaysorn Plaza, Bangkok 10330, tel: 662 656 1793.  Some good quality textiles but very little attempt to identify origins. pac

Naga House A wide selection of the fine decorative and rare collectable silks and other jewelry, antiques, objects d'art and collector items from throughout Asia. Located in an old colonial house. 315 Soi Ongkarak 13, Samsen Road 28, Dusit, Bangkok, Thailand, tel: 662-669 3416-8, 669 3493-4, fax: 662-669 3377
Paya This shop sells the production of a few villages in Thailand. Some textile products involving those villages are sponsored by the Queen of Thailand. Nice selection of cotton and silk handwoven items. 203 Soi Thong Lo 10, Sukhumvit 55 Road, Bangkok 10110. Tel/Fax. + 66 2 711 4457 email: payashop@yahoo.com
Parnpim Textiles

An antique working loom with textiles woven to order. Antique and vintage wooden weaving accessories for sale many of which are carved and painted. Weaving lessons also offered in the shop which is at Times Square on Sukhumvit Road (near Asok skytrain station). Contact Robert Piccus at rapiccus@gmail.com Tel (mob): 089-788-6005

Prayer Textile Gallery Sells old and new textiles, loom parts and craft items. 197, Phyanthai Road Patumwan, Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand. tel: 66-2 251 7549. email: prayer_bkk@hotmail.com See Diana's positive comment about this gallery in comment three of the forum thread about 'removing smokey smell'. Fodor's Destination Guide says: 'Napajaree Suanduenchai studied fashion design in Germany; 22 years ago she opened the Prayer Textile Gallery in her mother's former dress shop. She makes stunning items in naturally dyed silks and cottons and in antique fabrics from the farthest reaches of Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.' pac
Rasi Sayam, Fine Thai Crafts

Fine Thai textiles and crafts from all over Thailand. 32, Sukhumvit soi 23, Bangkok, Thailand 10110, tel: 66-2 258 4195 or 258 3575. A few older mat mee tube skirts as well as modern textiles. Please note that the shop will be moving to a new location 1st July 2005. The new address is #82 Sukhumvit soi 33, Sukhuvit Road, Bangkok 10110, Tel: 662 2620729, 662 2585543. pac at old location

Thai Craft Museum Shop A variety of Thai traditional crafts including representative textiles from across Thailand. 2nd and 3rd Floor, Gaysorn Plaza, 999 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. tel: 656 1149.
The Fine Arts - The Height

Antiques, works of art, miniature ship models, old weavings - silk shawls, wall hangings, clothes, ikat process.  River City, 3/F Rm 354 and 4/F Rm 452-454, 23 Yotha Road, Bangkok, Thailand (Off Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel).  tel: 662-237 0077 ext 354, 452, 454, fax: 662-237 7548.  Some fine but expensive textiles. pac

The Fine Arts Antiques, works of art, miniature ship models, old weavings - silk shawl, wall hanging, clothes, ikat process.  The Sukothai Hotel, 13/3 South Salthorn Rd, Bangkok Thailand 10120, tel: 662 287 0222, fax: 662 237 7548.
The Golden Triangle

Contemporary, elegantly designed clothing from hill tribe garments, silver jewelry, antique textiles, and beads. The clothing was most definitely more elegantly designed than the norm for clothing made from hill tribe fabrics. Also some clothing made from modern Thai woven fabrics.  Room 417, Siam Paragon, 991 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 tel: (662) 129 4516, (662) 129 4517 fax: (662) 129 4517. email: sumiko_chotikavan@hotmail.com pac Oct 03 at old River City premises.

The Verandah

Antique Colonial Furniture & Objet D'art including some tribal textiles from south-east asia Room 401 River City Shopping Complex, 23 Yotha Road, Bangkok 10100, tel: 662 237 0077-8 Ext 316, fax: 662 639 4090 (Off Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel).  pac A few good quality textiles from southeast Asia. (The same shop owner as Beyond the Masks above). 

V.P. Gallery Ltd., Part.

Assorted textiles including clothing made from hill tribe fabrics as well as various objects d'art. Rooms 423-424, River City Antiques Centre, 4th Floor, 23 Trok Rongnamkaeng, Yotha Rd Sampantawong, Bangkok 10100, Tel: 02-237 0077-8, ext. 423-424, Fax: 02-266-9104 Mobile 01-831-5666 (Off Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel).  Worth having a search through to see if there is anything that catches the eye, quite reasonable prices. pac

Chiang Mai

Ban Rai Pai Ngarm

Hand weaving of home grown cotton (and some silk) which has been dyed with natural dyes grown locally. The grounds of the house are entered by a long bamboo-lined driveway to reach a large teak house which is now a museum and where Khunyai (grandma) Saengda Bannasit lived. Under the house there are many looms set up with women weaving. Around the house are sheds for dyeing, displays of dyeing accoutrements and a shop. All the fabrics are natural – mainly cotton but with a little silk – and only natural dyes are used.   See Susan Stem's www.tribaltrappings site for further information.  At Chom Thong, 50 Km south of Chiang Mai - 105 Km, 69-70 Chiang Mai-Hod Road, T.Sobtier, A. Chomthong, Chiang Mai 50160, Tel: 66 53 361231, Fax 66 53 361230 Shop 66 53 273625. pac

Kesorn Arts Specialising in beads, tribal art, jewelry and textiles. The shop, shared by Kesorn and her husband, Bucklee Bell, has a wide range of artefacts with many good textiles from local tribal groups and further afield. 154-156 Tapae Rd, Chiangmai, Thailand, tel: (053) 874-325, 235-482, email: hilltribeasia@hotmail.com pac 
Mitree Rungrueang Co, Ltd. Thai hand woven cotton.  65 Chiang Mai-Sankamphaeng Road, Sankamphaeng, Chiang Mai 50130, Thailand.  tel: 053-331066, 391060-2, fax: 66-53 391063.
Pa Ker Yaw

Antique and contemporary textiles and other material culture items from southeast Asia including southwest China.  Make sure that you visit the inside room stacked from floor to ceiling with fine tribal textiles.  The shop is owned by the delightful Bunrin ('Rin') Thongdeelert and her sister.  180-184 Loi Kroh Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50100, Tel/Fax 66-53-275491.  From the Night Bazaar cross the Chang Klan Rd and head with the traffic to Loi Kroh Rd which is a left turn off Chang Klan Rd immediately before MacDonalds.  Head past, on the right, the Downtown Inn, a large teak house and Pa Ker Yaw is teak shop next door.  The shop is closed on Sundays and does not seem to be open in the evenings. pac

Pusaka Laura Kan at Pusaka, upstairs in the the Night Bazaar has some fine textiles and helped Michael Howard with his book on the Hilltribes of Burma.  Her current research includes the textiles of the hilltribes of Chittagong in Bangladesh.  133/134 Nakornping, Night Bazaar, Changklan Rd, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand, Fax 66 53 272811.  A pleasure to talk to her and examine her fine textiles. pac 
Rare-Earth tribal art Old textiles, costume, ancient beads, silver ornaments and objects of beauty. The proprietor, Chris, has a very good eye for a fine textile. Specialising in textiles from south-west China. pac   From 1 Mar 2011 moving to 35, Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai near 'Raming Lodge' hotel, opposite 'Yeti' Tibetan and Nepali Arts gallery. Opening hours will be from noon til 9 pm. Tel:- 66(0)871792880 rarearthart@gmail.com 
Sop Moei Arts

Sop Moei Arts carry a large variety of exclusive and unusual products - particularly textiles and baskets - all inspired by the Pwo Karen who make them. While retaining the ethnicity of this tribal group, SMA have 'sought to contemporize the products to suit the modern market'. The aim is to improve the living standards of the Pwo Karen by offering them fair wages. The shop provides a showcase for some very fine quality items. The Elephant Quay House, 31-35 Chareonrajd Road, Chiang Mai 50000, Tel/fax: (66) 53 213962, email: sma@sopmoeiarts.com pac

Studio Naenna

Studio, gallery, shop and training center for weaving and natural dyeing. Indigo workshops are available annually. The shop stocks contemporary clothing, display weavings and very fine contemporary pieces based on traditional ikat designs woven by the Weavers For the Environment (WFE), a women’s support group founded by Patricia Cheesman. The main gallery is in a peaceful garden at 138/8 Soi Changkhian, Huay Keow Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300 and also houses the new Patricia Cheesman Collection Gallery showing her exquisite SE Asian antique textiles which are for sale. Tel. (66-53) 226042 E-mail: emailus1@studio-naenna.com  City showroom: “Adorn with Studio Naenna”, 22 Soi 1 Nimmanhaemind Road Tel. (66-53) 895136. The web link gives a location map, contact details, opening times, workshop dates and more. pac

The Loom - Textile Gallery Antique and contemporary textiles from Northern Thailand, 27 Rajmanka Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Tribal Trappings Tribal Trappings is a web gallery specialising in the artefacts of the world's tribal cultures (including textiles), especially those from SE Asia, Indonesia, Central Asia and the Middle East. However, Susan Stem is happy to meet customers by appointment in her home where most of her on-line items can be seen. She lives outside of the centre of Chiang Mai near San Kamphaeng. Contact Susan to arrange an appointment on 053-390499. She is also amenable to providing information relating to Chiang Mai sightseeing including matters textile related. pac
Vila Cini Beautiful silk interior design artefacts. Upstairs some of the sophisticated and beautiful silks can be bought by the metre. 30, 32, 34 Charoenraj Rd, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand. Tel: (66) 5324-6246, 5324-4025, Fax: (66) 5324-4867, email: enquiries@vilacini.com pac

also see Monique Derwig's comments on places to stay and galleries in Bangkok, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai

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