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Textile related organisations or dedicated websites
www.asianart.com The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia. Includes some textiles and a very good range of Asia related links.
www.asiantextilestudies.com Asian Textile Studies is a new website written by David and Sue Richardson. It is aimed at people with a serious interest in traditional hand-woven textiles from Asia, especially those from Eastern Indonesia.
www.fibreartsonline.com The internet connection to the fibrearts community.

The Pusaka Collection is an online museum of Indonesian Ikat textiles curated by Peter ten Hoopen. The Pusaka Collection, a private non-profit creation, has an exclusive focus on traditional ikat textiles from Indonesia, both antique and vintage, aiming to show some of the finest specimens from the archipelago

www.oatg.org.uk Oxford Asian Textile Group, OATG, a group based in Oxford (UK) and founded with the aim of making the Oxford textile collections better known to the specialist and the interested public. Informative newsletter 'Asian Textiles' published three times a year and well worth the subscription even if attendance at meetings is not possible.
www.miaobabycarriers.com Mark Clayton's Miao baby carriers website showing some of his collection of '5,000 unique embroideries, representing 50 different styles and many ethnicities, including the Miao, Dong, Shui, Buyi, Geija, Yao, and Zhuang folk'. Contact Mark at miaobabycarriers@att.net with any inquires or comments.
www.qaraqalpaq.com This site is an independent and authoritative source of information about all things Karakalpak, from the origins and history of the Karakalpak people to their present day lifestyle. It contains important sections on the traditional material culture of the Karakalpaks, such as costume and yurts.
www.remoteasiaphoto.com Photographs of 'Asia's wildest places and their people' taken by ethnic photographer Nick Mayo. Stunning images and a great resource. Many photos of people from different ethnic groups wearing their traditional clothing.
www.textilemuseum.org The Textile Museum, Washington DC - dedicated to furthering the understanding of mankind's creative achievements in the textile arts.
www.textilesasia.com Textiles Asia is a printed, full colour, magazine published three times a year. It seeks to connect people interested in Asian textiles. The articles and listings are designed to inform readers about research, exhibitions, educational programs, special tours and events related to Asian textiles across the world.
www.thaitextilesociety.org The Thai Textile Society, founded in December 2003, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and appreciation of textiles, with particular emphasis on the textiles of Thailand and Southeast Asia.
www.turkotek.com Turkotek (www.turkotek.com), a non-commercial site devoted to textiles, mostly antique and from western and central Asia. Their major activity is a series of topical discussions lasting two weeks each, kicked off by introductory essays.
www.vme.org.vn Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is both a research centre and a public museum exhibiting the ethnic groups of Vietnam. top
bookshops and publishers
www.whitelotuspress.com White Lotus book publishers was established in 1972 with the aim of bringing forth new books on Southeast Asia as well as offering new life to books that have long been out of print. Publishes many books key to the understanding of tribal textiles in their cultural background. It is possible to order books directly from White Lotus although credit card purchase suffers from the Thai peculiarity of requiring a photocopy of both front and back of the card!
www.asiabooks.com English language Thai book retailer with 11 stores in Bangkok. Possible to order via the web and payment includes faxed details of credit card.
www.orchidbooks.com Orchid Press, established in Thailand in 1981 as White Orchid Press, is a specialized publishing house devoted to books related to Asia-books of general interest - including textiles, scholarly texts, fiction, and poetry, both new works and reprints and has a pollicy to keep books in print for a number of years. They also have a bookstore in Bangkok.
www.riverbooksbk.com Riverbook publishes a wide range of books on art, architecture, and Thai history, as well as a series of bilingual dictionaries.
www.hanshan.com Specialises in the Art of East Asia, South East Asia and Central Asia, including textiles. Based in London but work mainly by mail order. They have a large stock of antiquarian, new and second-hand books and other documentation in any language.
www.textilemuseumshop.org The Textile Museum (Washington) has an excellent selection of textile related books which are available by mail order from the online shop.
www.selectbooks.com.sg Specialises in books on South East Asia (now including China). Located on the second floor of the Tanglin Shopping Centre in Singapore. Order books from their on-line book list.
www.paragonbook.com US based (Chicago) Paragon Book Gallery - books on Asian arts and Asian studies (including textiles)

Canadian based Vietnamese Art books, daily news updates, gallery links, calendar of events and exhibitions, worldwide. Includes a few books on ethnography and crafts.

www.moosdijk.com Boekhandel van de Moosdijk - a specialist bookstore in The Netherlands, for 40 years a dynamic international booktrader. 15,000 rare and surprising books on 900 different subjects which includes textiles and ethnic art and culture.
www.antiquariaten.com/gemilang Netherlands based antiquarian bookseller with large catalogues on line. Specialises in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore - Costume, fashion & textiles; old & rare books in general.
www.amazon.com Internet bookstore. See the very bottom home page for links to international sites.Top
www.discoveryindochina.com Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tours.  (Local leader, Nguyen Viet Dzung, particularly recommended for textile study tours in Vietnam info@discoveryindochina.com).
www.theboatlanding.com The Luang Namtha travel website.  Information on, but most certainly not limited to, the Boat Landing Guest House (ecotourism lodge) and Restaurant in Luang Namtha, Laos.  The site is an excellent resource on this region of Laos with very many informative links.
www.steppestravel.com Gina Corrigan (whose China tours I have travelled on) handed over the administration of her tours to Steppes Travel which already offered other textile and special interest tours in addition to their core provision of individually tailored travel. However, companies evolve and it may be they no longer offer such tours.
www.gzcyts.com The website for China Youth Travel Service (CYTS) Guizhou. Very considerable expertise in arranging tours to see minority culture and textiles including the local planning and execution of Gina Corrigan's tours in south west China. If you are 'mature' do not be put off by the 'Youth' in the company name as all age ranges and levels of agility thoughtfully catered for. Some excellent photos of minorities and their textiles on this site.
www.minogz.com Fantastic Minorities - Guizhou - Some very interesting trips listed including festivals. "Go to the home of Guizhou tribes, discover a fantastic country with us!" Information, transport, reservations and English speaking guides. Site in English and French (and Chinese). English section recently updated.

Active travel - An Australian travel company offering a selection of travel programmes designed to explore the unique cultures and regions of the World including Indochina. They have offered a textile tour to Vietnam conducted by Valerie Kirk, Head of Textiles at the Australian National University, National Institute for the Arts.

www.vietnamluxurytravel.com Vietnam Luxury Travel: One of a kind and package tours in Vietnam which include visits to minority areas in the north. So far have no personal feedback of this company but they look to be experienced and passionate about all that Vietnam has to offer.
www.vietvaluetravel.com Vietnam Value Travel: This company includes some visits to minority areas in their itineraries and also offer individually tailored programmes. So far no personal feedback on the company.
www.orient-tours.nl Orient Tours - Gateway to Vietnam. Includes tours and treks to see ethnic minorities.
www.innerjourneys.com.au/nthai North Thailand Healers - Visit the traditional hilltribe healers of North Thailand and learn of their herbal, spiritual and energy healing methods.
www.lindens.cn The Linden Centre, Xi Lin Yuan, is a unique and elegant cultural retreat nestled in a renowned and pristine mountain village in China's most scenic region, Yunnan, the Land South of the Clouds. The Centre serves as a comfortable, high-service base from which guests are able to experience immersions into authentic Chinese life. The historic building is a Type-A nationally protected complex built by famous merchants who developed their wealth in this important stop along the Southwest Silk Road. Protected at the same level as Beijing's Forbidden City and Great Wall. There is a textile tour being offered in November 2008 contact  lindensgallery@gmail.com

Ends of the Earth - Surviving traditions in textiles and crafts. Textile related tours; textiles and videos of various traditional textile processes for sale. Top

Please note that, unless specifically indicated, no direct experience of the travel companies listed above is available
textile galleries
www.biji-arts.com Website set up by a group of people to create a virtuous circle of commerce to support the continued production of traditional Asian textiles, concentrating on those from Bali, Java and Sumatra. It is hoped to create an economically sound structure by encouraging people to acquire unique textile works of art while sustaining the artists and their communities.
www.craftlink.com.vn A not-for-profit organisation seeking new markets for traditional artisans based in Hanoi.
www.ethnoecho.com Ethno Echo - Hill tribe textiles, unique pieces selected for quality, authenticity and value with good photo illustrations and also information on textile techniques. From southern China to northern Vietnam.
www.jossgraham.com Joss Graham's gallery of oriental textiles and works of art, opened in 1980, specialises in traditional textiles and costume from the Indian subcontinent, central Asia, Tibet, north and west Africa. Tthe repertoire has expanded over the years to incorporate paintings, wood and stone sculpture, ceramics, baskets and jewellery. Stocking contemporary design-led producton from the same areas is a key part of the philosophy of the shop. Joss Graham presents regular thematic exhibitions in the gallery and now on-line.

Kuluk Gallery, Arts & Antiques of Indonesia, Ubud, Bali. The gallery offers a wide range of arts and antiques of Indonesia, from temple artifacts to teak furniture. They specialise in the antique textiles of the islands from golden songkets to highly refined batik tulis and single and double ikat cloths.

www.mandarinahome.com and www.stevenqfrost.net

Arts and culture of south west China. Steven Frost's website incorporating an interesting photo gallery of Steven's travels in China as well as an on-line gallery which includes textiles from the minorities of south west China. If you are visiting Birmingham, Alabama visit his gallery Mandarina, 2900 18th St. South, Suite 100, Birmingham, Al 35209 USA, (202) 414-3090
www.markajohnson.com Mark A. Johnson Asian & Tribal Art.  A website specialising in Asian and Tribal Art. The result of more than 25 years of buying trips throughout many areas of Asia, especially Indonesia - Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Timor, Bali, Java, and most of the other island cultures in the region. Also objects from China, Central Asia, Indochina, and the Philippines. Informative resources on website - well worth a visit!

Marla Mallett - Gallery specialising in antique flatwoven tribal Oriental rugs, kilims and bags, but also features tapestries, embroideries and other textile art. A large number of textile related links.

www.murnis.com/onlineshop/textiles Murni's on-line store and three shops in Ubud, Bali - Warung Shop, Kunang-Kunang I and Kunang-Kunang II offering works of traditional art created by the diverse peoples of the Indonesian archipelago including textiles.
www.orient-rug.com Clive Rogers Oriental Rug website, mainly rugs although some more general textile stock. Useful references on the links pages and a section on conservation.
www.primitiveart.nl Louis Nierijnck's 'Karavanserai' gallery in Maastricht, The Netherlands, offers tribal art and adornment, including some textiles, from Africa, Himalaya and South East Asia. See new tribal textiles gallery on the web.

The Textile Gallery - Longevity textile conservation, textile and art publications.

www.threadsoflife.com Threads of Life - Sponsoring the weaving of natural- dyed, handmade, ritual textiles from endangered traditions - Indonesia.  Excellent site.  Particularly look at the Newsletter.
www.timortreasures.com Julie Emery specialises in annual collections of artefacts from East Timor and West Timor, including weavings, and has been trading and collecting Timorese textiles for 15 years.
www.toranatribal.com Ethnic minority textiles from southwest China and tribal art from southeast Asia.  Chris Buckley's personal collection of minority textiles and artwork collected over 15 years: mainly from Guizhou, Guangxi and Yunnan provinces in China but also material and tribal art from other parts of Southeast Asia. 
www.tribalartasia.com The selling gallery website of photographer David Howard (author, text and photos, of 'The last Filippino Headhunters'). Items for sale or rent include Asian tribal textiles.
www.tribalspirit.com Tribal Spirit - Museum quality ethnographic textiles, objects, and jewelry of Africa, Asia, and the Americas with a strong emphasis on various ethnic groups throughout Asia.  The site is still under development but already has some interesting textiles on view.
www.tribaltrappings.com Tribal Trappings, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, specialises in the artefacts of the world's tribal cultures, especially those in SE Asia, Indonesia, Central Asia and the Middle East. Some interesting textiles with clear comments and well displayed. (I have purchased from Tribal Trappings over several years and rate Susan's assessments/photos as good representations of the articles.)

Turkmen Gallery specialises in Antique and Decotrative Textiles: Suzanis, Ikats, Vintage Kaftans, Jewellry, Carpets, Kilims and Furnishing from the Silk Road. Established in 1995the aim of the gallery is to promote the arts of Central Asia and Afghanistan, also to support the traditional methods of manufacture by working closely with weavers, embroiderers and artisans in these areas. 8 Eccleston Street, London SW1W 9LT email: omar@turkmengallery.com Phone/Fax: +(44) 20 7730 8848


 Uzbekistan Textile Dealer Top

www.thai-uk.org Promoting the diversity of Thailand, its culture and people in the UK.
www.ethnologue.com Ethnologue.com is a place where many resources can conveniently be found to help with research of the world's languages.

textile related organisations or dedicated websites | bookshops and publishers | travel | textile galleries | exhibitions | other

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