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Philippines bibliography

Listed below are details of a few books (from my own collection) which feature the textiles of the Philippines. Some books are solely devoted to a particular aspect of Filipino culture, including textiles, whilst others include a few pages of information within a wider study.

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"Sinaunang Habi: Philippine Ancestral Weave" by Marian Pastor-Roces, published by Nikki Books ISBN 971-8792-00-7. First published in 1991, 2nd printing 2000. Sumptuously illustrated large volume. This book is a by-product of a fifteen-year research effort on Philippine ancestral weave. It is divided into 4 chapters. Chapter 1 is a technical digest. Chapter II - tells about traceries: people, words, textiles. Chapter III - on images from a denoument and Chapter IV- on textile poetics. Illustrations are in full color.
"From the Rainbow's Varied Hue: Textiles of the Southern Philippines" edited by Roy W Hamilton, published by UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History ISBN 0-930741-64-1 1998 edition. Examines the rich and varied cloth traditions of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago. A wealth of illustrations, both contemporary and historical, introduce the reader to traditions that range from the blood-red, polished abaca cloths of the B'laan and the dazzling headcloths of the Tausug to the striking plaids in magenta and orange silk created by the Maguindanao. Essays explore in detail the textile traditions of the Bagobo, the B'laan, the Maguindanao, and the Maranao. Book to accompany the exhibition at the Museum to commemorate the Declaration of Independence of the Philippines in 1898.
"Dreamweavers" by Maria Elena P Paterno, Sandra B. Castro, Rene B. Javellana, Corazon S Alvina published in 2001 by The Bookmark Inc. ISBN 971-569-408-X Superb photos of T'boli people of Lake Sebu, Philippines and their t'nalak weaving of abaca resist tied natural dyeing. Black and white photos of the people, location and process. Very fine colour photos of woven t'nalak in various designs. A truely beautiful book.
"The Textiles of Southern Philippines: The Textile Traditions of the Bagobo, Mandaya and Bilaan from their Beginnings to the 1900s" by Lynda Angelica N. Reyes, published by University of Philippines Press in 1992. ISBN 971-542-005-0. Discusses the indigenous fabrics and clothing of the Bagobo, Mandaya and Bilaan animist groups in Mindanao, southern. Philippines, set agains the background of their cultural life. Describes the different methods and techinques employed in the manufacture of their traditional textiles. Numerous B&W old photos plus diagrams
"The Last Filipino Head Hunters" by David Howard published by Last Gasp of San Francisco ISBN 0-86719-507-X 2000 edition. The book of photographs and text traces three photographers' documentation of Filipino head hunters over a period of 100 years from 1890. Some stunning photos especially of tatoos.
"Textiles of Southeast Asia: Tradition, Trade and Transformation" by Robyn Maxwell published by Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd in 2003. ISBN 0-7946-0104-9. This is a reprinted edition of the book below with new colour plates, a corrected text, and a new foreword by Mattiebelle Gittinger. There is no doubt that the switch to colour of the majority of the plates makes a huge difference to this excellent major reference work.
"Textiles of Southeast Asia: Tradition, Trade and Transformation" by Robyn Maxwell published by Oxford University Press, Australian National Gallery in 1990 and reprinted in 1994 ISBN 967-65-3060 3. Major reference work on the textiles of Southeast Asia. Central focus is the interplay between indigenous Southeast Asian traditions and the external cultural forces that have had a crucial part of the historical development and changing nature of the region's textile traditions. Needs careful (but rewarding) study as textiles from particular groups or areas appear throughout the volume illustrating different themes.
"Textiles of Southeast Asia: An Annotated & Illustrated Bibliography" by Michael C. Howard published by White Lotus Press1994. ISBN 974-8496-13-9 In depth compilation of the literature in the field. Small number of colour plates of textiles including a few from Laos. Almost 50 pages of detailed references to literature on textiles in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.
"Handwoven Textiles of South-east Asia" by Sylvia Fraser-Lu published by Oxford University Press 1988. ISBN 0-19-588954-1. Covers weaving in Burma, Thailand, Laos, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia.
"Islands and Ancestors: Indigenous Styles of Southeast Asia" edited by Douglas Newton and Jean Paul Barbier, published by Prestel in 1988 ISBN 3-7913-0899-8 Essays on the art of the islands of southeast Asia - Taiwan, Indonesia, Borneo, Philippines with mainly black & white photos but a few colour. Published in conjunction with a two-part exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and drawing upon the extensive collection of the Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva.
"The Art of Asian Costume" published by University of Hawaii Art Gallery University of Hawaii in 1989. Exhibition with apparel from 20 Asian countries from the Asian Costume Collection of the Department of Human Resources at the University of Hawaii
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