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Ge Jia textiles: jackets

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images and text © Andrew Dudley

for further photogalleries of Ge Jia textiles see Ge Jia baby carriers and Ma Tang village, Kaili city

There is very little published material on the textiles of the Ge Jia and it is a priviledge to be able to see such a large group of these finely drawn and beautifully balanced textiles which were originally posted on the www.tribaltextiles.info/community forum run from this website. The majority of the textiles are from the collection of Andrew Dudley, with a contribution from Bill Hornaday. (For up-to-date access to Ge Jia threads go to the forum and click on 'Search' - one of the top right hand buttons on the forum screen - and input 'Ge Jia').

We are particularly indebted to Andrew for sharing his considerable knowledge of Ge Jia textiles with us on the forum. He currently lives in Taiwan and has been collecting textiles since 1996. His collection, from south east Guizhou, consists mainly of batik but with some embroidery, predominantly of the Ge Jia, White Collar (Bailing) Miao and Rao Jia. See Ge Jia textiles: baby carriers for another photogallery containing more of the fine Ge Jia textiles from Andrew's (and Bill's) collections which were originally posted on the forum. Contact Andrew or Bill.

If you have any Ge Jia textiles in your own collection, especially any jackets, do share them and add to this on-line resource by joining the forum and posting photos and any information that you have on the textiles.

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