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Indonesia photogalleries and articles

In additional to the initial results of a study of a group of textiles from a Toba Batak family from North Sumatra and the two travel notes on Flores from Donna Lum and Chris Buckley, there is a considerable amount of photographic material from 1996/7 awaiting processing into photogalleries - see notes below.


Textile travel notes from Eastern Flores and Lembata: travel notes - Chris Buckley

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In August 2010 Chris Buckley made a visit to eastern Flores and Lembata. On his return he sent in textile travel notes and shared some of his stunning photos.  He also posted on the forum photos and comments on a couple of textiles not included here. Chris says: "These notes should be read in conjunction with Donna Lum's notes from 2005. The good news is that despite Flores' development as a tourist destination there is still a great deal of traditional weaving and it is still well worth a visit. We flew to Maumere and worked our way east, missing out the western half of the island (which apparently has much interesting weaving also).

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Flores, Indonesia: travel notes - by Donna Lum

to 53K Jpeg 0193 Some of the weavers of Watublapi, Flores, who use homegrown cotton and natural dyes for their weaving, in front of some of their textiles (2004).

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This article was submitted by Donna Lum and comprises a short compilation of comments about major places in Flores which she has visited in June 2005, found interesting and recommends. They have a strong textile flavour although Donna stresses that she does not pretend to be an expert on the local traditions or textiles.

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Karo Batak Architecture, Karo plateau, North Sumatra, Indonesia

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Images from a visit to the Karo Batak area on the Karo Plateau in North Sumatra in March 1997 when I saw most of the traditional style Karo houses still standing.

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Vera Tobing collection

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A group of textiles which were part of theToba Batak family inheritance of Vera Tobing. They include ulos woven by Vera's grandmother, Ernestina br.Hutagalung (born in 1893) and Vera's mother, Tianur br.Hutabarat (born in 1925). The collection also includes ulos woven by professional weavers which were given or worn as part of family adat (ritual celebration) ceremonies. Although Vera did not directly continue the family tradition of weaving, in the 1980s and 1990s, together with the local government, she worked with a local group of weavers to utilise traditional Toba Batak weaving in a modern context. This photogallery and linked information are the initial results of on-going research into the history of this family and its textiles. Also see associated forum thread.

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Material to be loaded in the future includes:

1. Glimpses of the textile collections in the Textile Museum (visited in 1996) and the National Museum in Jakarta (visited in 1997 with a small number of textiles on public display) which I hope will encourage visits by those lucky enough to be in Jakarta with a little time to spare.

2. A group of modern Sumban weavings in the traditional style photographed in 1997 hanging on display in the grounds of the Jakarta International School - a serendipitous opportunity which occurred when my visit to talk to the pupils coincided with that of a family group of weavers from Sumba organised by Cathy Forgey, an American then living in Jakarta.  In addition there are a few shots in Cathy's home of some beautiful older pieces which the weavers had brought with them.  

3. A few shots taken in August 1997 in the Made Rauh Art Gallery in the Jakarta home of the a textile dealer, Made Rauh (14 B Jalan Ashirot (off Jalan Raya Keb. Lama), Kp. Kecil, Keb. Lama Sukabumi Selatan, Jakarta Barat 11560)  who had some particularly fine antique textiles from Sumatra.

4. Gallery of Toba Batak archictecture and galleries of Toba Batak and Karo Batak weavings from a 1997 journey through the Batak lands around Lake Toba. (See below a few shots of Toba Batak traditional houses on Samosir Island, Lake Toba taken in 1997 and the article with images of Karo Batak architecture taken during the trip).

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