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Author Topic:   worthwhile Indonesian textile website
Susan Stem posted 4/17/03 6:00 PM     Click here to send email to Susan Stem  
Rather than just share this with Pamela, I thought I'd bring it to the attention of Forum readers: www.threadsoflife.com is the website for the Textile Arts Center in Ubud, Bali, which is sponsoring the continued weaving of traditional textiles using natural dyes all over Indonesia. As we all know, these textiles are becoming an endangered species as the knowledge is lost and lifestyle rhythms change. This project is one well worth supporting.

Pamela (Moderator) posted 4/17/03 7:37 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Susan, thank you so much for this link and for sharing it with the forum. I hope that Richard and Rusty look at the newsletter on the site as I think it touches very directly on their 'discussion' on tribal textiles in the 'batik' message. I am very impressed indeed by what I have read. It makes me itch to visit and see myself as well as thinking about how to contribute. Self help, self confidence, self pride.....so positively creative. Pamela PS, if Richard sees this - you were asking about Toraja textiles...... (I have added this link and one to Murni's online store and onshore shops of Indonesian crafts to the tribaltextiles.info links page)

Richard M. posted 4/18/03 2:24 AM     Click here to send email to Richard M.  
This is indeed an interesting site and no doubt a great endeavor. I found it also while searching for info on the Torajan textiles in my collection. Thanks again for thinking of me and for all of your help. Best, Richard M.
rusty posted 4/20/03 9:09 AM     Click here to send email to rusty  
Susan,Thank you for sharing this link with us. What a fantastic web site and an honorable mission of the organization! Progressive thinking at its greatest. Gotta run and get back to their site to learn more.Rusty
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