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Author Topic:   bamboo pearl jacket
olivier posted 4/23/03 6:11 PM    
I am looking for some informations about a very particular chinese cloth only made with hundred and hundred bamboo pearls. I have seen some jackets with or without sleeves. I only know than it is a kind of underwear, to protect the body against the heat during the hot season. Well, I don't know the original source but it is not really a tribal cloth. I will try to send pictures.If somebody have some more informations?
Pamela (Moderator) posted 4/23/03 6:47 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Olivier, I know the kind of jacket that you mean. I saw some in Kunming, Yunnan Province in 2000 - they were being sold for tourists (local and overseas) near Dian Lake but based on tradition and I tried some on and one of the party I was with bought. I seem to remember that there was detailed information about them in the shop selling them - but I have to confess that I cannot remember the details! I will keep a look out for information. I may have something in my libary. I agree that I think they are designed to keep a person cool in a hot/humid climate. Pamela

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Pamela (Moderator) posted 4/23/03 10:22 PM     Click here to send email to Pamela  
Olivier, 'my friend google' had some fascinating finds when I put in 'bamboo vest'. One whole site devoted to bamboo articles including modern clothes. I am posting a link here to the University of Hawaii at Manoa which has a most unusual bamboo vest from Korea and says it is for wearing under silk to give air circulation - which makes sense since silk does stick to the skin hold in the heat. There are some other very nice unusual 'fabric' garments on this web page so I thought I would share it. Pamela

olivier posted 4/24/03 11:14 AM    
Pamela,Many thanks for this great link. These Korean "jacket" is exactly the same kind of cloth.I was wondering if the chinese one was only from Yunnan or from a bigger part of China?
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