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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 10:12 am 

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hello all

as i just returned from Paris to have a look at the above mentioned show, i thought i post a short comment about it.

Not that it would be worth to even post a very long comment as there was a very big variety of special, interesting and even fantastic pieces/exhibitions, but as the forum is dedicated to textiles therefore it will be only a short one...

Textiles, like mostly on big shows are not too much seen. Actually i only remember one particular piece, but, this was a fantastic one (of course), very well presented (of course - like everything with this man always is) and of course sold.

Maori Chief´s cloak (huaki), around 1800.
242 cm / 95 cm

caption: "perhaps the finest contact period cloak; amplified by the decorated edges and three broad rows of taniko border weavings; the flax was left unbeaten as to better show off the simplicity of the material and its inherent sheen. "
collection of James Hooper and therefore also published in the Phelps book.
Presented, shown and sold by Kevin Conru, of course.

To be seen also in his latest booklet (rarities, art from the Pacific Islands)

What elso in textiles:
again a piece by Kevin Conru; Nakanai Cult Object - New Britain, diameter ca. 120 cm, around 1940.
Textile in a wider view as it was made out of palm swathe. It was a round, shield like object with ornamentic design and sitting figures.
"may have been associated with mortuary rituals. "

There were also some spectacular New Guinea bark paintings and a Santy Cruz (Solomon Islands) feather money roll in mint condition (!)which i also would see as textiles; all of them shown by Wayne Heathcote.

So thats about it,

ps. if i forgot to mention anything somebody else saw, please tell.

Primitive Gangl
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 3:19 pm 
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On 11 Sep 2008 three forum members met up in Paris at parcours des mondes held in galleries in St Germain. Two of us, Sandra Niessen and I, travelled by train for the day, Sandra from near the German border in the Netherlands and myself from East Kent via Eurostar and the Channel Tunnel. Udo Gangl came in from Graz, Austria staying for a couple of nights. On Thursday, 11 Sep we all met up in the gallery where Thomas Murray (from California), an old friend of Sandra's, had staged his beautiful display 'Animistic Art of Island Asia'. By way of serendipity, Brigitte Majlis, curator of the textile department at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum of Ethnography, Cologne, Germany walked in the door, known to both Sandra and Thomas via their shared interest in Indonesia.

Sandra, Udo and I enjoyed a tasty Chinese lunch and pleasant conversation in a little café in St Germain (many thanks, Udo!) before wandering through St Germain looking at the various parcours des monds exhibits with, initially, Udo pointing out some of best examples either for content or artistic display, or sometimes both. It was very clear from the displays that, in Paris at least, 'tribal art' is pretty much confined to sculpture and there were almost no textiles in sight. One of the few - a piece of clothing if not a 'textile' as we usually think of it - was a fascinating Inuit parka created from a seal's stomach or intestine. I was fascinated by the tailoring and loved the little tufts of red dyed bear's fur incorporated into a few seams. Apparently when wet the skin becomes very malleable.

Unfortunately Sandra and I had not paid any attention to the date of our Paris assignation - 11 Sep or '9/11' - which would seem to continue to have a jinx for travellers - although both of us thankfully got through our journeys home safely. Poor Sandra did not make it home until 4.00 a.m. Unfortunately someone threw themselves in front of her train as it left Rotterdam causing hours of delay magnified as the train tried to leave by the discovery that the train's brakes had been damaged when it had come to a violent stop. Sandra had left me at Gard du Nord feeling very guilty as we arrived to find a sign saying that there were no Eurostar trains that night due to a fire in the tunnel. I got no help or information from Eurostar - aside from vague comments of exchanging tickets the next morning - so decided to rush for a train for Calais. As it turned out there were several Eurostar refugees on the train which meant that the bus meeting the train in Calais took us right to the ferry port where we queued for hours and I eventually got out on the last ferry that night and across to Dover. Here, Eurostar finally gave us some (welcome) help and bussed us to Ashford to link with a Eurostar train to London. As my car was sitting in the carpark at Ashford this was fantastic for me and I finally arrived home at 2.00 a.m. hardly able to believe that I had made it home.

It was always going to be a somewhat mad escapade of a whirlwind Paris rendezvous - but we got a little more than we bargained for! I hope that Udo got home safely and smoothly when he left Paris on the 12th.

File comment: Sandra Niessen, Thomas Murray, Brigitte Majlis and Udo Gangl
P1010974w.jpg [ 76.14 KiB | Viewed 5690 times ]
File comment: Pamela with Thomas Murray behind a sculpture and Udo taking a photo with his 'phone
HPIM3014w.jpg [ 76.62 KiB | Viewed 5690 times ]
File comment: Inuit parka from the stomach/intestines of a seal in Galerie Flak.Note the flashes of red - the dyed fur of a bear.
P1010977w.jpg [ 81.97 KiB | Viewed 5690 times ]
File comment: details of the Inuit parka from the stomach/intestines of a seal in Gallerie Flak.
P1010978w.jpg [ 49.55 KiB | Viewed 5690 times ]

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:20 pm 

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it was a real pleasure to meet with you Pamela and Sandra - i like it a lot to meet virtual people in RL (real life); and it was indeed nice.

i had a much easier journey back home, even if the pope made life also a bit complicated as some metro stations were closed during his visit and police everwhere around...

anyway hope to see you again someday somewhere else !

enclosed 2 pictures of mine


File comment: sandra smiling all over ::))
sandra-niessen.jpg [ 56.88 KiB | Viewed 5625 times ]
File comment: pamela praying to the lord of textiles
pam_cross_praying.jpg [ 68.69 KiB | Viewed 5659 times ]

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