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As it seems alot of people are having trouble sizing images for posting, I'd like to offer this link to and instructions for inatalling 'Irfanview'; a program I believe is the best image viewer you could ever hope to get and it’s free! One of its greatest features is the ability to do batch transformations, like resizing, renaming, rotating, etc. whole folders of images in one stroke. I’ve used it for years and everyone I’ve turned on to it has been very appreciative!

Go to the link below this paragraph first and download the program. This is a safe site and I use it all the time, but just make sure it’s Irfanview you’re downloading; these sites always try to trick you and give you something you don’t want; because of this, I stongly recommend saving it to a folder and not running it directly; that way you can check the file name before installing it.

• After downloading, click on the file to begin the installation.
• Just choose the defaults in the first few options, but then it will ask you if you want to make it your default viewer for certain extensions; I highly recommend that you select the 'Images Only' option and make this your default image viewer; you will love it! You can also do this later, or undo it later.
• Continue installing and if you selected the 'Images Only' option, it will ask you in a scary tone, ‘Are you sure you want to make that change?’ (for Images Only); just say yes.

Next you need to install the plugins; this gives you all kinds of abilities, like photo editing and lossless rotation, etc. It installs almost instantly.

After you get the plugins installed, open the program. The following will guide you through some set-up and how to re-size an image for this forum.
• First, go to ‘View’ and under ‘Display Options’ select ‘Fit only large images to desktop’.
• Next, open an image, go to ‘Image’ on the toolbar and select ‘Resize/Resample Image’.
• This opens a feature with several options. I’d recommend just going to ‘Set New Size’ and make the longest side 600 pixels.
• Make sure that ‘Preserve aspect ratio’ and ‘Apply sharpen after Resample’ are checked and that under ‘Size Method’ that ‘Resample’ is highlighted.
• Now click OK, and the image will appear as its new size.
• Go to ‘File’ on the tool bar and select ‘Save As’.
• Create a new for your downsized images and maybe add something like ‘sm’ (small) to the name so you know it’s a smaller image.
• Now go to the little gray panel that says ‘JPEG/GIF save options’, make sure the first three options are unchecked, but the next 5 are checked. The 9th option is ‘Set file size’; as they limit you to small images, check this and set the size at 65. I’d uncheck this option in the future, but leave the rest the way they are.

If you have a whole bunch of images that you want to change, go to ‘File’ and select ‘Batch Conversion/Rename’. This opens up a very powerful tool panel.
• First, click on ‘Use advanced options’ and click ‘Advanced’.
• This opens up a tool panel for setting options to perform on all the images you’ll be changing.
• Click on ‘Resize’ and check the option best suited for you for your needs. I usually use percentage, but for this site, you might want to make everything 600 on the long side.
• Make sure ‘Preserve aspect ratio’, Use Resample Function’ are checked.
• Under ‘Miscellaneous’ the only thing I would have checked is ‘Save files with original date/time.
• Close that box and go to the image selection panel.
• If you don’t already have a folder you’re going to send the changed images to, create one here first, then go to ‘Output directory for result files’ and browse for the destination folder.
• Now you’re ready to select the images for the batch conversion
• Just open the folder you want to perform changes to, select the images you want and click ‘Add’ or if you want the whole folder click ‘Add all’
• After you’ve added all the images, click ‘Start Batch’ and the magic happens.
• A word of caution: be careful in the future about checking or unchecking the ‘Use advanced options’ box, depending on whether or not you want to make changes. I'd also recommend reviewing the options you have checked each time you use this tool to be sure it's doing what you want it to!

I've walked at least 50 people through this set-up. I'm certain you will soon find this program to be a valuable tool for all of your images!!


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