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PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:15 am 

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1) I would like to get my textiles (shawls/head scarfs from Laos/Isaan) scanned and want to smooth out the creases before. What should I do, what avoid?

I already know that silk should be ironed on the wrong side without water or steam and that a dry or wet cloth unter the iron might be useful.

What exactly should I do, what should I avoid at any rate?

2) Is there a recommanded way of storage to prevent future creases?

I was thrilled to discover this forum und surprised that the number of private and public collectors seems to be quite limited. What do stamps have that tribal textiles don't have? The gum?

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:15 am 
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Thanks very much for giving me a real laugh this morning:
"What do stamps have that tribal textiles don't have? The gum?"

When people ask me 'why' I collect textiles, as they do in amazement, I always say that they wouldn't ask me that if I was collecting stamps so your comment very much fitted with my own mind set! One most definite comparative downside is the space needed to store textiles compared with stamps and, if necessary, I think that stamps are easier to realise for cash.

Yes, when ironing the silk I would put a soft cotton cloth between iron and silk textile to protect it. I would suggest one way to help ease creases out of your textiles would be to hang them - probably in a bathroom (English as in where the bath is rather than where the toilet/WC is). Get plenty of steam in the room. You can also get professional steamers used by valets or costumiers to help get creases out. Steam plus the weight of the textile itself may help ease out some of the creases. Perhaps do this before ironing and only iron the most stubborn creases. Makes sure you dry the textiles fully before re-storing.

How to keep the creases out during storage? One way, if you have the room, is to roll them on tubes - shawls would work well. Put some tissue paper between the fabric and the role and don't roll too tightly or you will scrunch the under layers into creases. If you fold the textiles put some small sausage rolls of rolled tissue paper in the folds to avoid a sharp crease. Advice is to take out the textiles every few months and unfold and air to help re creasing and check against bugs or mould. (Do as I say not as I do!!!)

So pleased to hear your positive comments about the forum. Also thank you very much for posting - it is always good to think about these problems and to have the chance to learn from other's experience. We get quite a lot of what I call 'forum lurkers' who look at the forum but don't actually post. They sometimes 'come out' if something that really touches on their interests appears on the forum. My mantra always is 'please share, share, share'! I will now subside and stop lecturing!!!

Oh, one last thought, enjoy your textiles!


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Pamela you had given a very good information and tips for preventing a silk from creases I will sure try it out. I used to press silk clothing at home only just at the time of pressing it I use newspaper and I use to store them by packing them in cotton cloth so that it safe and even it is not get creased.

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