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 Post subject: Wax tools
PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 1:14 pm 

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In pinyin Chinese wax is 'la'. The wax applying tool Andrew refers to is commonly referred to as 'la dio', which directly translated means 'wax knife' ('dio' = knife).
The first link provides images of these wax 'knives'

The following are a couple of links within the forum showing wax resist techniques underway.

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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 2:10 pm 
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Well Andrew, thanks very much indeed for putting me straight and giving the correct information. Just shows how one should not jump to conclusions! Interesting that the embroidered swirly shapes are similar to some over paper cuts.

Re the waxing 'tool' of the Rao Jia. I think it may be similar to that used by the Miao in Baisha - see thread ... .php?t=284 and there is a lump of the maple resin (don't know about added ox fat although I have also heard of this being used in other villages with the resin) and a slim piece of bamboo used for waxing.


Also a photo from 'Miao Costume' by Deryn O'Connor where a quill is used in the same area. I suppose that if you did not have any metal workers or were too poor then you made use of what was freely available. It might well be that non-metal implements predated the metal wax knives anyway.


We do make it hard for ourselves to find previously posted information by letting our threads turn and twist in different directions. It is, of course, half the fun of participating in the thread initially but can be a headache later! Although there is a search facility that often does not help. By searching on 'wax knife' and 'Search for all terms' I found some Ge Jia metal wax knives in the thread on Ge Jia textiles ... .php?t=242


Iain was clearly posting at the same time that I was! Fighting to get out info out there........

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:22 am 

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Below is a Rao Jia baby carrier that uses chain stitch around the satin stitch embroidery. You can also see the drawn outline of the pattern visible in the lower area. Also shown is a quilt cover detail showing the drawn pattern before waxing, although most of their batik shows no sign of having had a pattern drawn before waxing.

Sorry Pamela, but the Rao Jia's bamboo waxing tools are different from those shown above. Below are photos showing an old clay bowl with dry resin and ox fat-oil resist with a small bunch of dried grass used to separate any solids from the useful liquids (some of the solids have gone moldy, hence the white colouring). Also, the shaped bamboo batiking tools traditionally used by the Rao Jia. The wide ends would have been used for spreading larger amounts of the resin resist where a large area of white pattern was required, whilst the sharp ends were used for the detailed areas. Because of the nature of the resin mixture, the sharp ends would very quickly get clogged-up with drying resin and would need to be frequently cleaned and sharpened.

File comment: Rao Jia chain stitch and satin stitch embroidery on a baby carrier
Rao-Jia-baby-carrier.jpg [ 79.16 KiB | Viewed 4066 times ]
File comment: Rao Jia batik showing drawn outline
Rao-Jia-batik-outline.jpg [ 71.45 KiB | Viewed 4066 times ]
File comment: Rao Jia resin based resist and bamboo waxing tools
Rao-Jia-batiking-tools 1.jpg
Rao-Jia-batiking-tools 1.jpg [ 63.5 KiB | Viewed 4066 times ]
File comment: Rao Jia shaped bamboo waxing tools
Rao-Jia-batiking-tools 2.jpg
Rao-Jia-batiking-tools 2.jpg [ 66.07 KiB | Viewed 4066 times ]
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