One print of each image in the size as indicated below:  (each jpeg is saved at 300 dpi in relation to print size)

0010F31Yt.jpg   16x12

0010H17Yt.jpg   16x12

0010J02Yt.jpg   12x16


0010J33Yt.jpg   12x16


0010M08Yt.jpg   12x16

0010M23Zt.jpg   10x15

0010N08Zt.jpg   10x15


0010P10Yt.jpg   16x12

0010P11Yt.jpg   16x12

0010P25Xt.jpg   16x16


0010R17Yt.jpg   16x12

0010R18Yt.jpg   16x12

0010W10Yt.jpg   12x16


0010W12Zt.jpg  10x15

0010Z16Zt.jpg   10x15

0110C08Xbt.jpg   16x16

0110C08Xct.jpg   12x12

0110C18AYt.jpg   16x12

Print delivery address: 

Pamela A Cross (personal), International Office, Registry, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NZ