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Dong photos from Costumes and Accessories of Chinese Minorities

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to Jpeg 63 K Dong Male Reed Clothing

All photos are taken from the Dong section of ''Costumes and Accessories of Chinese Minorities" published by the National Museum of History in Taiwan in 2000

ISBN 957-02-6406-3

to Jpeg 71K Dong Reed Clothing

Page 56 - Male Reed Clothing

Xindi Congjiang County Guizhou

A sleeveless round-collared reed jacket and a leaf style screen skirt; on the right a flower motif; on the left a sun motif; the screen skirt has feather decoration as well as sun and flower motifs; the warm colors and rhythmic line seem to kame the designs emerge from the fabric.

See also a similar jacket to a group in the book posted by Andrew on the forum

Page 66 - Reed Clothing

Shangcong Liping County Guizhou

A long sleeved jacket with oblique opening on the left; decorated with snake motif; the brilliant colours are typical

to Jpeg 52K Dong Female Festive Attire
to Jpeg 82K Dong Female Festive Attire
to Jpeg 65K Dong Embroidered Reed Clothing

Page 87 - Female Festive Attire

Jiachiu Congjiang County Guizhou

Jiachiu Congjiang County Guizhou

A vest-style jacket with opening on the front and leaf-style screen skirt; this outfit was manufactured by a special process which is rare among the Dong; the screen skirt has bright and attractive colors and feather decoration.

Page 95 - Female Festive Attire

Rongjiang County Guizhou

A vest jacket and a straw rope skirt; the jacket is decorated with motifs of the snake and the sun; the skirt has feather decorations all over - not just on the hem; this is quite different from most such skirts.

Page 78 - Embroidered Reed Clothing

Congjiang County Guizhou

A round collered long-sleeved jacket with front opening and a straw rope screen skirt.

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