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Websites with a Filipino cultural focus


National Museum of the Philippines Cited on its home page as the repository and guardian of the Philippines' natural and cultural heritage.
ALTACO The website of the Antique Luzon Tribal Art Connisseurs Organisation created by Eric Anderson website devoted to Philippine tribal art as well as his own interest in antique Kalinga textiles. Eric has created a CD - Kalinga Costumes - about tribal art from Kalinga province in the Philippines.
Flags and symbols of Sulu Website dedicated to the flags and symbols of the Royal Sultanates of Sulu, Ranao Area and Maguindanao compiled by Paolo Paddeu
Tapestry: Philippine textiles Traditional Philippines textile site . Information on traditional textiles of the Philippines on the Tribung Pinoy website. "Various regions of the Philippines are known for intricately woven materials, ranging from the pinya cloth, a sheer fabric made of fibers of the leaf of the pineapple plant, as woven in my (the author's) home province of Aklan, to colorful tapestries and waist cloths of different tribes handloomed from decidedly Western materials of mercerized cotton threads."

Edgar Cansino

Hi Pamela,
The following are excellent websites for Philippine weavings,designers and stores:
1. www.nardas.com
2. www.silkcocoon.com
3. www.ditasandicoong.com.ph
4. www.laherminiaweaving.com.ph
5. www.easterweaving.com
6. www.patistesoro.com.ph
7. www.pitoymoreno.com
8. www.tesoros.ph The pioneer in Philippines handicrafts'
9. www.silahis.com
10. www.tadeco-homedecor.com
11. www.ananascollection.com
12. www.filipinoheritage.com

13. www.scvizcarra.com

Enjoy and best regards,

Hello Pamela,
As your textile fans has been clamoring for years, here's the most comprehensive website for Philippine tribal weaves that they would certainly adore.  Please go to www.tribo.org and you'll find the most exquisite fabrics hand-woven in the Philippines in living color!  It was compiled by Ken Ilio of Chicago and he certainly did a fantastic job!  Enjoy.
Best regards,

Edgar Cansino
Textile Artist/Collector




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